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HK released information on their striker fired pistol, the VP9. MSRP is listed at $719. The product sheet text is below.

VP9 Product Sheet

Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch Oberndorf, Germany
Caliber: 9 mm x 19
Operating Principle: Recoil-operated
Action Type: Browning type, modified linkless locking system
Trigger System: Striker fired
Magazine: 15 round or 10 round capacity

Length: 7.34 inches / 186.5 mm
Width: 1.32 inches / 33.5 mm
Height: 5.41 inches / 137.5 mm
Barrel Length: 4.09 inches / 104 mm
Sight Radius (Sights): 6.38 inches / 162 mm (three dot , non-radioactive luminous)
Weight (with empty magazine): 26.56 ounces / 753 grams
Weight (empty magazine): 3.28 ounces / 93 grams

Trigger Pull: 5.4 pounds / 24 Newtons
Trigger Travel: .24 inches / 6 mm
Return Travel: .12 inches / 3 mm
Barrel Profile/Twist: Polygonal, 6 grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 9.8 inches / 1 in 250 mm

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Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original retail (commercial/civilian) purchaser, one year for law enforcement and military customers
Picatinny Rail: Extended MIL-STD-1913 rail with four segments located under dust cover — rated to 5.6 ounces / 160 grams load for accessory light, lasers, and aimers with no impact on performance
Service Life: Test guns have fired 10,000 rounds+, comparable HK 9 mm models have achieved 91,000 rounds
Safety: Firing pin block, trigger latch safety. Pistol and magazine ACC225 NATO and NIJ0112.03 safety certified including drop tested
Disassembly: No tools required for user field strip, magazine must be removed for disassembly. Minimal tools (simple punches) required for detailed, depot level disassembly
Ammunition: Tested with wide variety of ammunition, U.S. VP9 variant certified with 3.1 Impulse, European VP9 variant with 2.6 Impulse. Ammunition test standards set by Commission internationale permanente pour l’épreuve des armes à feu portatives (Permanent International Commission for Firearms Testing) commonly abbreviated as CIP and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI). In development for more than four years, the VP9 is Heckler & Koch’s latest handgun and the first striker fired HK since the renowned P7 series pistols were introduced in the 1980s.

Experience gained by HK engineers with the recent P30 pistol had a direct influence on the design of the VP9, but the VP9 breaks new ground with its integration of a unique striker firing system with an enhanced HK “light pull” trigger. The net result is trigger quality unequaled in any production striker fired handgun.

HK pioneered the first striker fired handguns, producing both the VP70 and P7 series, designs that impacted several models by HK competitors. But a superior trigger has eluded most striker fired pistol designs.

The VP9 trigger surpasses those found on competitors. It has a short, light take-up with a solid, single action type break followed by a short positive reset.

The VP9 trigger has a consistent pre-travel pull with a positive wall/crisp break. Typically, striker fired guns have a pre-travel pull that increases in weight as you go through the trigger stroke. With the VP9, you have a less than noticeable pre-travel pull until the trigger reaches the engagement point of the fire control parts prior to trigger break.

The VP9 uses HK’s ergonomic handgun grip design that includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels— accomodating all hand sizes. Molded finger grooves in
the front of the pistol’s grip also instinctively position an operator’s hand for optimal shooting. Only HK handguns have such a customized grip.

Although influenced by other HK models, the VP9 has all the hallmarks of the latest, state-of-the-art handgun. All controls are completely ambidextrous. Slide releases are present on both sides of the frame and the magazine release can be easily activated by left- or right-handed shooters.

A new feature is HK’s patented charging supports — simple components that are mounted on each side of the rear of the slide and provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide rearward. The charging supports speed reloading and make operating the VP9 easier for shooters with reduced hand strength. The VP pistols uses the proven P30 steel magazine; 15 and 10-round capacity available.

The VP9 has an extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into its polymer frame for mounting lights and accessories. The rail has been tested and certified to handle mounted accessories up to 5.6 ounces.

The VP9’s proprietary captive flat recoil spring helps reduce the recoil forces effecting the operator and the handgun, improving shooter control during rapid firing and prolonging component service life.

HK’s famous cold hammer forged barrel — made from cannon grade steel — ensures long service life. Similar HK barrels on 9 mm P30 models have fired more than 90,000 rounds in endurance tests in 2010. The polygonal bore profile, with no traditional lands-and-grooves rifling, contributes to longer service life as well as a slight increase in muzzle velocity.

The VP9’s machined steel slide is protected from corrosion and wear by HK’s hostile environment finish and all metal components, including springs and pins have superior metallurgy.

VP pistols are made in Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany. The VP9 is well-suited for civilian sport shooting, security, military, and law enforcement use.

Covered by Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty, the HK VP9 is a solid design engineered with the famous long- term durability that make HK products especially cost-effective when subjected to total life cycle cost analysis. And the VP is remarkably value priced.

The VP9 Pistol…thoroughly tested and ready for you.

Mention the name Heckler & Koch in knowledgeable circles and immediately eyebrows raise and heads nod in recognition.

HK has earned the respect and admiration of the world’s most elite military and law enforcement operators through its “no compromise” commitment to firearms innovation and performance.

But what really makes an HK pistol different from other pistols? Maybe the fact that Heckler & Koch maintains the most thorough testing regimen for new products in the firearms industry.

Little known outside of Heckler & Koch facilities and offices throughout the world is a highly structured HK testing program that strictly follows well-established company protocols and procedures.

Under development for more than four years, the HK VP9 has been subject to just about every test imaginable — NATO AC/225 and U.S. NIJ drop tests, water, dust, mud, and sand tests that duplicate the most extreme environments and harshest operational conditions in the world.

VP pistol function and abuse tests included firing more than 10,000 rounds of a wide variety of international ammuntion types through sample pistols.

During these tests — accuracy, wear, and tolerance readings are taken to establish the capabilities, performance, and realistic service life of the new VP9 pistol in all environments.

Unlike some manufacturers, HK test fires all VP9 pistols for accuracy, function, and proofing (for international and German industrial certification) before they leave the factory.

This passion for testing is just one more part of what separates HK from the pack.

VP9 key features

  • ultra reliable operation

  • excellent trigger mated to a new HK striker fired ignition system

  • highly accurate

  • superior safety with multiple safeties

  • extensively tested through four years of design & development

  • engineered for a long service life

  • ambidextrous controls

  • optimum ergonomics with changeable backstraps & side panels

  • value based price & low life cycle cost

  • limited lifetime warranty for civilian customers


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  1. Derek Drummer on

    Have been a faithful HK buyer for 15 years, I love the craftsmanship and will never buy any other brand, keep doing it, German craftsmanship is second to none…

  2. strongarm on

    Seems a little similar to Springfield XD-S pistol especially sharing the
    same feature of “No-Take down with the magazine inserted” measure.

  3. I really miss my P7. They compare the trigger to the P7 and that caught my attention. Seems to be competitively price too, for an H&K.

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