Remington announces consolidation; 8 business units to move to Huntsville next year


aac-2Behind closed doors this morning at the Advanced Armament Corporation facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Remington Outdoor Company told employees that AAC will be moving in February 2015. Our source inside AAC says all AAC employees were offered severance packages and told they could reapply for open positions as the company moves to ROC’s new Huntsville, Alabama, megafacility.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated with more details as they become available.

Update 5/15- 14:40 We’ve heard from a source at TAPCO that they were actually the first stop on the ROC reverse Welcome Wagon tour. A source at AAC says the ROC executives concluded the meeting at AAC and told at least one employee that they had another stop to make. Presumably, this means either StormLake Barrels in Lenoir City, Tennessee or Para USA in Pineville, North Carolina, or both, will be getting the same treatment shortly. Both are within four hours of Atlanta by car.

Another source with knowledge of ROC’s corporate plans tells us that Barnes Bullets and the Remington firearms manufacturing plants in Ilion, New York and Mayfield, Kentucky are the only manufacturing facilities that ROC won’t consolidate to Huntsville. At this point, there has been no mention of moving Remington’s Madison, North Carolina offices and a source there says they don’t expect to be part of the move.

Update 5/15- 16:00 We’ve now heard from employees at AAC, TAPCO, Para USA, DPMS and LAR Grizzly that they have been visited by ROC executives and told of the plan to move their respective facilities to Huntsville.

Update 5/15- 17:00 – An official statement from Remington confirms what we have been reporting via unnamed sources today. “Earlier today we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, AL facility,” said Remington Spokesman Teddy Novin.

The moves make perfect business sense. Consolidating the disparate resources into a manufacturing (and firearm-friendly) state while culling duplicity will make for a leaner, more efficient company. In the long run, there’s no doubt this will be a good thing for Remington. The kicker, though, is how the move affects employees. We’ve heard from our sources that employees were offered small severance packages and a memo went out ROC-wide stating that individuals interested in moving to Huntsville should speak to their supervisors about opportunities.

“This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.” Novin said, “We are working hard to retain as many people from the affected facilities as possible.”

Our sources inside ROC referred to an internal memo from ROC CEO George Kollitides sent to employees today stating that AAC in Lawrenceville, DPMS in St. Cloud, LAR Grizzly in West Jordan, Montana Rifleman in Kalispell, Para USA in Pineville, TAPCO in Kennesaw, Remington manufacturing in Elizabethtown, and the Bushmaster and R1 1911 lines from Ilion, New York, will all move to Huntsville, Alabama.


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  1. Each time a corporation buys a “built from the ground up” company the soul of that company is lost forever!! My guess is that KB and Lindsey know this first hand.

  2. Chris Schmidt on

    Not trying to be a dick, but this is what happens when you sell out. Seen it too many times over the last ten years,

    Keep your integrity, people.

    Thoughts out to anyone in line to get the hatchet,

  3. The problem is that the employees didn’t sell out, the owners did. My heart goes out to my family at TAPCO and friends at AAC.

  4. redbeard33 on

    Agree with Chris.

    Thoughts are with all those great employees and friends at AAC, Montana Rifles and the others.

  5. I am unable to respect or support a company that would throw their employees under the bus like that, Kevin built AAC and then he got the short end of that stick and has now fineally won his settlement and is back doing good things, alot of good hardworking people whom I communicate with mutiple times per week are going to be jobless in Georga. I can not in good faith support Remington anymore. I will be selling all of our Remington firearms and branded ammo.


  6. This will make a calendar year shift in Remington arm’s collectors lists of what they will or won’t try to pick up. Just like the pre’64 Winchesters which were handfitted and running the company out of business – the pre ’14 Remingtons will now constitute a slightly different group of products. Remains to be seen if that is good or bad.

    So, sell off your guns in protest as you may, others will be along to pick them up. Everybody hated on Winchester when the changed a few parts but improved production quality ten fold to stop losing money. it’s likely that Remington will do the same – they have already been underwater since they were acquired. This may finally clear the decks of some of the huge debt.

    No doubt it will also give the CA Teachers Union some breathing room to sell stock.

  7. Wonder if they can fix their epic quality control issues. Products are joke worthy right now. LOl R51… Ruined marlin too.

  8. frmr.rem.empl on

    I am a former employee of Remington Arms in Mayfield KY, I enjoyed working there, however, when Marlin was brought in, it was done so poorly, the scrap that was generated was unreal, its surprising they were able to recover from that. Outsourcing started to take place where the smaller components were no longer being produced in the plant. The wholesome family plant atmosphere left when Marlin came in, it started getting corporate real fast. Now its just another place where employees are miserable, but now that they have been there so long and it pays decent for that area its hard to leave and not very smart if you do. My heart goes out to all those who recently lost their jobs from 3rd shift in Mayfield. If Union comes around again you might want to think about letting them in.

  9. Huntsville is a beautiful place to live and I encourage all those affect employess to consider relocating if feasable. Huntsville routinely rates high in reviews of best place to live. I look forward to Remmington coming to Huntsville.

  10. Wasabouttobuyone on

    Glad I found this blog, I was about to make a purchase of a TAC 2. No offense meant to the hard working folks at DPMS, but since I know what happens to quality when this kind of bumble-headed corporate nonsense goes on, I look elsewhere.

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