X-Mark Pro trigger problem prompts major recall of Remington Model 700 and Model 7 rifles



Remington Arms Company is recalling Model 700 and Model 7 rifles with X-Mark Pro triggers that were manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014. Rifle owners are advised to immediately stop using their rifles and determine whether they are subject to this recall.

Military Times GearScout is waiting on a comment from Remington on this subject. Update:According to Ted Novin, spokesman for Remington Outdoor Co., the X-Mark trigger isn’t used in any Remington Military products. He say’s there aren’t any defense rifles involved in the recall.

With about 5.3 million Model 700’s alone out in the wild since its debut in 1962, we can estimate Big Green sold an average of 100,000 rifles per year. With an 8 year recall window, rough (very rough) math tells us there could be more than 800,000 Model 700 rifles alone subject to this recall. That seems like a lot, but when you factor in the Model 7 and the surge of rifles sales in the last couple of years, that number is likely between 1.2 to 1.3 million rifles.

The trouble, according to Remington’s product notification, is that excess bonding agent used in the assembly of the X-Mark Pro trigger in some rifles can lead to unintentional discharge of the rifles. Remington says the only remedy is to send recalled rifles in for inspection, cleaning and testing. They stress that consumers shouldn’t try to clean the triggers themselves.

Remington says the recall will be performed at no cost to the customer.

The two ways to determine if you have a recalled Model 700 or Model 7 are as follows:


1. Identify the serial number and provide it to Remington’s recall support team, either by entering it at xmprecall.remington.com or calling 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. You will be informed if your rifle is affected by this recall and given the resources needed to return the rifle for inspection and specialized cleaning.


2. Look at the trigger. If the face of the trigger is ribbed (Photo 1 above), your rifle does not have an XMP trigger and is NOT subject to this recall. If the face of the trigger is smooth (Photo 2 above), your rifle has an XMP trigger and IS subject to this recall in which case you should immediately seek further assistance at by calling 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT or by visiting xmprecall.remington.com.

punchedRemington says as of April 9th, 2014 they’ve begun performing corrective action on rifles that have yet to be shipped. You can tell if you’re looking at a properly built trigger and rifle by the presence of a punch mark (above) on the bolt release. Rifles that are returned to customers will also have the punch mark that confirms the rifle has been inspected and cleaned.

So, going forward from today, you don’t want to mess with any Model 700s or Model 7s that have a smooth-faced trigger bow and no punch mark on the bolt release.

I’ve asked Remington what they suggest to customers that have moved a recalled action/trigger to a different, aftermarket stock or have replaced a recalled X-Mark Pro with an aftermarket trigger. They haven’t commented, yet, but I’m willing to bet they won’t work on triggers that are outside the receiver because of the liability involved should an improperly, customer installed trigger be involved in an accident. Though, I hope they will. If they refuse to swap take-off triggers from recalled guns then there is a good chance that someone will someday put a bad trigger back in a later rifle build inadvertently (or advertently.)

Actions moved to other stocks seem like they wouldn’t be that hard to work with, but if the recall is as big as it could be, then they aren’t going to have the time to figure out how to work on every aftermarket Model 700/Model 7 stock out there. They’ll likely say the barreled action be removed from an aftermarket stock, or the rifle must be returned to its factory configuration before it’s sent in.

We’ll update this article when we hear back from Remington on the subject. In the meantime, Remington is offering recalled rifle owners a 40% discount good for items on ShopRemingtonCountry.com and/or Remington1816.com. The details are visible after consumers complete the recall form.


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  1. Ditto. I just checked my Remi 700 SPS Tactical, and sure enough, it’s on the list. Remington is sending a box and prepaid shipping tag and gave a discount code for 40% off their merch.

  2. Okay I have Question if anyone knows the answer I would appreciate it very much. I have a 700 that falls under the recall but have changed the original trigger that came with the rifle but it was changed to a different XMP trigger with a lighter pull. So I am trying to find out what I need to do… Was is just the original trigger manufactured in the rifle or all XMP triggers?

    Please and Thank you for all information

  3. I’m still waiting on the box. I’m planning to give Remi a call tomorrow to see what the procedure and turnaround is. I’m actually wondering if, when they’re done, they ship it back to me direct or if it has to go to a FFL.

  4. Craig Oler on

    They asked the local retailer where I bought my gun, in February, for the SNs of 700s currently in stock. When asked if they wanted a customer list the response was: Aah, we’ll get back to you.

    When I talked to Remington about expected failure rates, known bad batches of triggers production runs with questionable triggers so that I could narrow and assess risk there response was: All rifles who’s SNs match the list one checks with the SN input and they have to inspect/clean any which might have excess adhesive.

    As I am not interested in deconstructing a new rifle which is working and shooting fine–to have it tied up at Remington for weeks or months I am going to replace the trigger. If Remington wants to inspect the trigger I will send it to them.

    The problem is that this recall seems to have caught aftermarket trigger vendors by surprise. Several parts vendors who usually have after market 700 triggers are out of stock with no known replenishment dates.

    I have two after market triggers coming in next week to replace the potentially defective triggers on my guns and find another rifle vendor for future purchases. Sad.

    Happpy Shooting.


  5. I also have 2 rifles that fall under the recall program. Being an international customer, form Australia, how do we go about claiming 40% off the Remington store when ITAR laws forbid export of firearm parts and accessories to individuals.

  6. Gene Miller on

    Purchased a Model 700 from James Wayne Firearms the first week in February 2014. They told me nothing about a recall. When I had the time to actually inspect the rifle-“a 50th Anniversary Edition” that was made just like the original except for it having the X-Mark Pro® (“XMP®”) trigger–; I found the front sight had only 1 screw with some sort of glue-looking stuff that attached it to the barrel!!
    Being dissatisfied with the misrepresentation of the rifle, I contacted the seller to return it and get a refund but was told on Internet sells there was a 3 day return policy. It did not state that on the post at Guns of America Site!
    Sooo- if dealers were asked for a list of serial numbers in February; why were they allowed to still sale them? They can send me triggers for my 4 Model 700 and I will replace them. There will be so many guns sent to them that we will never get ours back!!!

  7. Todd Philbeck on

    My son sent me his Rem 700 to hold for him while he goes to Korea (he’s in the Air Force). He doesn’t have a receipt for the repair. Can I still send his rifle in for repair?

  8. Rob Curtis on

    Todd- Yes. Remington will work on all recalled guns. Please call the phone number listed above. Thanks!

  9. I am wondering the same thing as James, do they ship it to you direct or through an FFL? As a (soon-to-be-ex) CT resident, I couldn’t help but be suspicious that 1.3 million rifles are being recalled right on the heels of new firearm legislature (read: horsesh*%) for long guns in the state.

  10. ronny greenhalgh on

    I have 4 and there all on the recall list send me four of the up dated triggers im not going to be without my guns for 6 month

  11. Well I don’t own a 700 but bought 2 complete 700 trigger componets at a gun show a few backs to try and make a buck and they wont fix them ?so that says a lot about their service and that is surely a safety problem I guess they would rather pay out the law suits.Can you imagine the 10s of thousands or perhaps million that has had a after market trigger and their triggers are floating around to be sold as in the situation im in SHAME ON YOU REMINGTON FOR NOT ACCEPTING TRIGGER ASSEMBLYS THAT CAN ONLY BE SENT IN BY THEM SELVIES AND NOT IN THE COMPLETE RIFLE SHAME SHAME!!

  12. It says nothing shameful about Remington that they won’t fix some random parts you want to send in for free. Go buy a Honda Civic, put a supercharger on it and see if Honda will cover warranty repairs. Manufacturers will almost always only cover the item they sent out of the factory, and in the condition/configuration they built it. Since they didn’t sell you the triggers, no dice. Stop crying and telling all your friends what a mean company Remington is.

  13. Thank You for sharing this information. Replica guns and replica military surplus rifles have always been into the limelight. I wanted to gather some facts on these replicas and I found for the model number that is where we can exactly find it. Since nowadays these weapons are on sale and everybody can buy it …so it is necessary that an individual should have a good knowledge on replica weapon as well as real weapon.

  14. There is nothing wrong with the trigger. The problem is excess bonding agent. So putting the trigger in another rifle shouldn’t really have the issue.

    • Rob Curtis on

      The bonding agent is inside the trigger. Until the bonding agent is cleaned out from inside the trigger housing, the trigger is still dangerous no matter what rifle it’s installed in.

  15. What is happening to the UK customers! Lots of smoke and mirrors but nothing from remington and I sent my info in three weeks ago??

    Remy sitting in the cabinet doing sweet nothings

  16. I submitted my serial number to their website and was told it needed to be send in. That was April 13. Now, a month later, I am still waiting for their pre-paid shipping tags, boxes and written instructions. I’ve emailed them twice and never heard back. I called them and they told me it might be 7-8 weeks but it could be longer. I never got my box because my email was corrupted???

    It does not look to me Remington is able to deal with this recall. If it takes this long to get their return box, how long will it take for the repair.

  17. I too submitted my recall notice on 11APR14 and have yet to get or hear anything from them. I called about a week ago and was on hold for 30 min before i just hung up. But they did recall like 8 years worth of one of the most popular bolt action rifles. So they’re probably swamped. But yeah I’m a little pissed because I bought my REM700 from a local FFL around 20MAR14, never got to shoot it. Then I heard about the recall on the 11th of April. So yeah, pretty pleased with my purchase… But now I’m moving in a week and need to change my address for the recall but not sure how to go about doing that.

  18. Over a month later and still no box. I did call them a couple weeks after to ask about FFL or direct ship. They confirmed that they would ship it directly back to me, no FFL needed. That said, I doubt I’m going to do it since it’s looking like it’ll be a ridiculous turnaround.

  19. I have been talking to Remington about the recall. Mine is on the list. They are offering a discount but it is on a separate site and is basically a bunch of BS trinkets to ensure they are not out much money. The big issue is that you have to take everything off the gun and send it in. Everything. You have to take off the scope, rings and anything else that did not come in the box when you bought it. We all spend a lot of money and time on the gear, ammo and time to get our gun the way we want them. Remington on the phone did not seem to acknowledge that. It was obvious they were reading form what the lawyers wrote for them. I am pissed and very disappointed. I will be investing in a new precision rifle that is not a Remington. Not because of the issue but because of the way they are handling it. They told me to never use it again until it is sent to them. “I was told that in no way was the rifle safe to use”. Like I told them, I am within a week of buying a new 3 gun shotgun. I was torn between the benneli and the Remington versamax competition. They just made my mind up for me. They also said there is no way they can estimate when it will be completed. She did admit it could be months because of the surge last year and the amount that they are getting in for repair. I will be replacing the trigger with an after market and sell it. No more Remington for me.

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