Remington Outdoor Company to announce major expansion to Huntsville


Remington Outdoor Co., previously known as the Freedom Group, expects to announce a major expansion to a new facility in Huntsville, Ala., as early as next week. According to two sources with knowledge of the property sale, the deal has been in the works for months and ROC executives plan to sign the papers Monday finalizing the sale of a 500,000-square-foot facility that will add approximately 25 percent more space to Remington’s existing 2.1 million square feet of existing manufacturing real estate.

Sources say the expansion was undertaken to help the company meet unprecedented demand for its products. Space in the facility is not currently earmarked for any one of the company’s 18 individual brands, but to facilitate flexibility and growth of the Remington Outdoor Company.

Before settling on Hunstville, the company was courted by no less than 24 states and various localities hoping to add hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs to their economies. State and local entities in Alabama made economic concessions to attract the company, sources say.  The selection of the Huntsville area makes sense, with a skilled and technical workforce already in place. The area is home to the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, which has 35,000 military and civilian employees.

Other major technical employers in the area, such as NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and Toyota, ensure ROC will have a large pool of talent to draw upon for its engineering, technical manufacturing and product development efforts. The fact that Alabama is regarded as a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights also played a role in the selection of the area.

The facility will be set up for new product development and manufacturing, but it reportedly contains spaces suitable for offices, an auditorium and classrooms that will be used for training and development purposes in ROC’s commercial, military and law enforcement businesses. The site requires significant build-outs, code upgrades and other preparatory work, so the company expects production at the site will not begin before 2015.

The site will rank with ROC’s largest facilities. Ilion, N.Y., is home to the largest facility at more than 1 million square feet, followed by other sites such as its ammunition plant in Lonoke, Ark., and its factory in Mayfield, Ky.

Sources say manufacturing operations in Ilion will not be affected by the expansion and there are no plans to move manufacturing from that site, where Remington has been building firearms for nearly 200 years.


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  1. Remington made an excellent choice. Alabama will be a great asset to the objectives of Remington.

  2. The SAFE Act didn’t promote any expansion of business in New York for Remington. I am glad that they are expanding.

  3. Frank Fontaine on

    It would serve NY State right if Remington ultimately moved their entire operation out of Ilion, NY to Huntsville and took their employees with them. Cuomo likes to tout the “new New York.” Well, the new New York is no free state.

  4. Alabama seems to appreciate the jobs that NY is throwing away. Sooner or later they will wake up when it is too late.

  5. I’ve been looking for a 12ga and was looking at Remy, Mossberg and Browning. I will now purchase a Remy. Yes, I live in Huntsville.

  6. NYS and the Socialist-Democrats and Communists running the state and city of NY do not deserve a Patriotic Company like Remington. Move out of this cesspool of Progressive Tyranny.

  7. J. W. Slaton on

    To the person we don’t want you in huntsville I will loan you a gun if you buy a bullet. Yes we want remington and any other jobs we can get.

  8. Ralph Baker on

    Susan Clodfelter, if you don’t want Remington and its’ jobs in Huntsvile and would be uncomfortable with them there may I suggest you move to New York state where it seems you will find a more compatible environment.

  9. This move by Remington is both very wise and strategic business sense. I live in Huntsville, Alabama and I’m very excited to see them come here. Here are five reason why they are moving to Huntsville, Alabama! We are home to Redstone Arsenal, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park. We have superior engineering capability. Now we’ll have a mix of both missiles and rifles!

    (1) Remington Wins USSOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle). Remington Defense, who are already supplying the US Army with the XM2010 sniper rifle system, have just been awarded the coveted USSOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) contract. Remington will produce 5,150 of their new bolt action Remington Modular Sniper Rifle, which will be now be called the Remington Defense PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle). Remington sister company Barnes Bullets will be supplying ammunition for the sniper system and AAC will supply the suppressors.
    (2) Their new location in Huntsville is right next door to Redstone Arsenal, which is only a few miles from The United States Army Materiel Command, Army’s Aviation and Missile Command, the Missile Defense Agency. Also, don’t forget about Research Park and all if the elite engineers that are in Huntsville.
    (3) New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.
    (4) Liberal politicians/media hate guns and also the people who make and use them.
    (5) We don’t have stupid welfare unions here in the south. If you suck at your job then you deserve to be fired.
    ROLL TIDE!!!

  10. Sardondi on

    The Huntsville area is overflowing with professionals in engineering, electronics, communications and computing. It has a high per capita income, superior schools, low taxes, low real estate and housing costs, with a COL that is probably lower than any of the 50 largest cities in the US. A fantastic move by Remington, and the employees who choose to make the move will absolutely love it.

  11. Lionel Sullivan on

    Europe would be a great country for ALL liberals to move to. Most, if not all, are Democrats and they can enjoy the freedoms they have earned! We will take Remington and cherish our 2nd Amendment!

  12. Ray Ielfield on

    It is a great loss to NY and a shame to our leadership. However not all New Yorkers support this out of control governor and his gang of left wing morons. I have lived in this state for 25 years and the majority of the state geographically is conservative, common sensed, hard workers. Our problem is the disgrace they call New York city . They should separate the city and all of it’s liberal pansies along with Coumo and make them there own entity then watch how fast they fall apart. Congratulations to Alabama on acquiring a great company and great line of firearms to your home state. We have been very proud to have Remington here in Ilion, NY only an hour from my residence. We only hope that Coumo does not drive them out completely.

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  14. Hannibal of Carthage on

    Remington needs to move their entire industrial base out of New York, then donate their factory site to be a homeless shelter.

    And then pass out free bus tickets to Ilion, NY to every bum and junkie within a thousand miles of NY.

    It’s not enough to take the jobs and the taxes out of loony-liberal politicians’ hands. The very earth under their feet needs to be salted.

  15. Melanie P. Edwards on

    To the person who said we dont have welfare unions. My family has a combination of 400 years as union electricians, machinists, pipefitters, welders, plumbers, teachers and I am a 32 year communications worker. We are not rich. Most are not even middle class. But cities that have union laborers usually have a better standard of living. I am proud they came to Alabama but it is a known fact that we are a Right To Work State which means they can fire you for ANYTHING REAL OR FAKE. And Huntsville is where all Northern companies want to send parts of their union work because Huntsville discourages them but they are there Gov. Bentley. I work at a union company and therr are so many sorry non union members as well as management and those people stay and take up space. The fact is union jobs help everyone. Read your history. Teddy Roosevelt was made Bpyd by the rich Rockefellers, Carnegie s snd JP Morgan’s of th err world. No offense but the same people are doing it today
    I am a conservative Democrat. I like some Republicans and dislikes some Democrats. I am for the working people. Please get your facts straight and f not bring Alabama football into the mix

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