Surefire upgrades Scout lights


Tampa-The mainstay of weapon mounted lights will see some worthy upgrades shortly. Surefire’s Scout Lights are getting new heads.

The 2 cell M600 series will add the M600V, below, adding WHITE-LOCKOUT-IR capability to the light. The change comes with the update of the KM2 “vampire” head, seen below on the M620V behind the M600V, which has been shrunken and dubbed the KM2-A. The M600V puts out 150 Lumens of white light and 120 mw of IR light for $489. The KM2 head will be discontinued.

The pint-sized M300V, above, will get the same multispectrum treatment and put out 120 white Lumens and 100 mw of IR light.

The white-only M600 Scout Light, below, will get the Ultra treatment and will be upgraded inline to 500 Lumens of white light output without a change in price.



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