Drive or Fly with the S&S Precision Stalker MPTV


Tampa-You probably haven’t seen anything quite like the S&S Stalker multi-purpose tactical vehicle. It’s a prop-driven, parachute lofted aircraft and an open-air ground assault vehicle in one super-capable package.

The Stalker has been in development for 10 years and has just gotten the FAA flight certification a couple weeks ago. The vehicle needs to hit just 27 mph and cover 250 feet to launch. Once airborne, the truck can’t roll, dive or stall, making it easy to fly and tough to crash. Anyone with some canopy time will be comfortable with the controls, though a 30-day flight training class will get people up to a level of basic proficiency. The military can get folks in the air pretty quickly, but civilians will need to get no-kidding pilots licenses.

On the ground, the truck is still prop powered by the rotary engine. There is not traditional transmission and drive train.
By the numbers:

  • 27 mph take off speed
  • 156 mph max ground speed
  • 61 knots max air speed
  • 250 feet of runway to get off deck
  • 3 weapon attachment point
  • 869 pounds

Look for more info on the Stalker in the coming months as it’s introduced to the military.



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    • Rob Curtis on

      Unless they mis-spoke, it’s 156 mph. I asked the inventor. Twice.

      Oddly, the brochure they handed me list the max ground speed as 70mph.

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