Find them, blind them or grind them with Surefire's updated E2D Defender Ultra


SureFire just gave the E2D LED Defender Ultra status. The original LED version was darn bright at 200 Lumens, but now it produces 500 Lumens. It still features a low, 5 Lumen setting to keep things civil. But when the situation demands aggression, the Defender’s signature crenellated bezel and scalloped tailcap are always on standby for some face gouging.
And, even after more than doubling the output, Surefire managed to extend the max output runtime from 1.9 to 2.25 hours. MSRP $265.00

• Dual-output LED has two settings, 500 & 5 Lumens
• Tightly focused beam with some spill light to accommodate peripheral vision
• Crenellated Strike Bezel and scalloped tailcap provide enhanced self defense capabilities
• Aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for durability
• Ergonomic tactical tailcap switching for instant access to max output in high-stress situations
• Includes 2 123A lithium batteries


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