Now even a Lieutenant can find the right tent


Nemo Equipment is making it easier to choose the right tent by producing topographic maps that illustrate the interior space of their tents. It’s a unique selling tool that gives you an idea just how much space there is in a given tent.

The main stats that people look at when buying a tent are weight, floor area, and peak height. If
you only look at these numbers, it’s easy to forget about what’s going on between the floor and the peak height. Take this example of a pyramid style tent and a dome style tent.

Both tents have more or less the same floor area and the same height—but vastly different arrangements of interior volume. In the pyramid style tent, you can only sit straight up in the middle, and height of the walls reduced dramatically as you move to the edges of the floor. The dome style tent has nearly vertical walls which means that you can sit straight up even when you are on the edges.


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