Oakley's M-Frame Helo Kit

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Hitting the ground as part of a helo-borne assault can be a violent, stinging, eye-watering experience. Oakley aims to take the edge off with their new M-Frame Helo kit. It’s a snap on gasket that attaches to the M-Frame 2.0 and M-Frame 3.0, turning your eyeshield into a goggle.

It clicks on at a single point over the bridge of the nose and unsnaps just as easily without having to remove the shades from your face. It doesn’t have much in the way of venting, as the gasket isn’t meant to replace a full-on goggle. But, it’s a small, lightweight way to augment the eye protection afforded by the M-Frame anytime there’s sand or debris whipping around your face. Look for the M-Frame Helo kit to land in the first quarter of 2013 for under $30.


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  1. Lee Vincent on

    Hope it come out faster… I strongly believe it is very useful especially for motocycle ridder like me.

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