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We’ve just received notice from Magpul Industries that Magpul Dynamics President Chris Costa has given notice that he is stepping down. Costa will finish out his training schedule by teaching Magpul Dynamic’s Dynamic Carbine 2 class at Roberts Range in Hammond, La, Dec 2-5, 2011, and then concentrate on building his new company, Costa Ludus in early 2012.

“The future of Magpul Dynamics is not in question,” said Magpul Industries VP of sales and marketing, Robert Vidrine “but we are evaluating how we will go forward with the carbine training model. Replacing Chris is not plug and play.”

“Chris will be moving on in early 2012 to pursue new projects within the industry, including his own training company,” Magpul Industries said today. You can read the full text of their announcement below this article.

“I’m proud of what we did at Magpul Dynamics,” Costa told me as we spoke about his long association with Magpul Dynamic’s parent company, Magpul Industries, and his friendship with Richard Fitzpatrick, the company’s president and founder. “We put out a product at Magpul Dynamics that’s on par with the high level of quality that Magpul puts into all their products.”

“Most people don’t know it but Chris’s involvement with Magpul dates back to 2003,” recalls Fitzpatrick. “Over the years, I developed a great deal of respect for his weapons manipulation aptitude and personality. In 2007 when the opportunity for Magpul to appear on Future Weapons with the Masada developed, Chris was the first person I thought of to help us with the presentation.”
Costa credits Fitzpatrick’s vision to offer training and to produce Magpul Dynamic’s instructional videos saying, “the amount of money and effort that was put into those videos shows how hard and unselfishly Magpul worked to give guys the training they deserve.”

“I’m leaving because the time is right,” Costa said, explaining that the timing of his resignation is based on recent family events.

He praised Magpul’s willingness to work with him to keep him aboard and offers it as evidence of how strong his relationship remains with the company, even after submitting his intent to resign last week.

Costa’s resignation explains the mysterious announcement on Falcon Operations Group’s blog about hosting Costa’s 3 Day Advanced Carbine (Jan. 5-7) and a 3 Day Advanced Pistol Course (Jan. 9-11) in Southern California.

Costa was hired in 2007 to stand up Magpul Dynamics, the firearms training division of Magpul Industries. Travis Haley was brought on board soon after. Costa and Haley taught firearms manipulation and employment to military, law enforcement and civilian students around the country together until Haley left Magpul in January 2011. Previous to his employment at Magpul, Costa was employed by Applied Marine Technologies where he was a maritime CBRN weapons and tactics instructor.

In addition to teaching classes, Magpul Dynamics spurred a renaissance in the production of tactical training videos with their “Art of the Dynamic Carbine” DVD series. The DVD would become the foundation for later Magpul Dynamics video productions that include instructional video releases on the use of handguns, shotguns, aerial platforms and four upcoming releases including precision shooting, automobile operation and two more undisclosed subjects.

“Today we have actually completed filming and are in the final stages of editing the last titles in the “Art of” video series that Chris has been an instrumental part of,” says Fitzpatrick.

He explains that with the completion of the training DVD series and Magpul Dynamics increased focus on military training in the Airborne Operations and Precision Rifle arena, “now is a logical time for Chris to branch out with his own company and pursue other projects in the industry. I wish him the best with his endeavors and am confident that as our brands continue to evolve, opportunities for us to work together in the future will arise.”

From the sounds of things, Costa’s move is unrelated to two other major events that have recently taken place within Magpul. In a structured financial deal, shareholders of the private company sold a controlling interest in Magpul Industries to investors including Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. (“BRS”), a New York-based private equity firm, this summer. It is also less than a year since the departure of former Magpul Dynamics principle Travis Haley, who left to start his own venture, Haley Strategic Partners.

Here is the full statement from Magpul Industries:

Chris Costa to Branch Out On His Own in 2012
Since 2007, Magpul Dynamics has trained thousands of professional and civilian shooters, and reached countless more through a comprehensive collection of instructional DVDs.  With an emphasis on real world techniques, consistency, and efficiency, Magpul Dynamics has brought tactical instruction to the forefront of the shooting community.  The application of these philosophies to high quality multimedia productions has helped propel the entire firearms training industry to new heights, garnering the attention of a larger audience than ever before.
The entire instructor cadre has been instrumental in the success of these endeavors, not the least of which has been Chris Costa.  Chris will be moving on in early 2012 to pursue new projects within the industry, including his own training company. Magpul will continue to explore future opportunities to work with Chris, and looks forward to these projects. It has been a privilege to work with Chris for the last five years, and Magpul wishes him the best of luck in the future. The fundamentals of Reality, Consistency, and Efficiency that Chris helped instill are central to the entire Magpul Dynamics instructor cadre, and will continue to drive their training philosophy and mindset.

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  2. Stickman on

    Good luck to both Chris and Magpul. When you look at how long many instructors stay with a school they don’t own, Costa actually did quite a bit and stayed for quite awhile.

  3. Best of luck to you Chris in your new business venture. You made a difference in the private training venues

  4. Chris is going to be missed, I was planing on taking the Carbine Course next year but now i will seek training at Thunder Ranch maybe in near future C.Costa will be back in training scene wish you luck and Godspeed…

  5. Chris leaving will put a huge dent in MD. Nobody is going to train with them over Chris’s OR Travis’s new companies. I know for sure I won’t. Steve Fisher Is a good instructor but he does not have the same pull as them. Hopefully Chris will employ Fish in the near future. Though I’ll never train with Costa Ludus. I’m a much bigger fan of Travis and his methods, thoughts, theory’s of how, what, and why to run this or that. I prefer to take instuction from been there done that face shooters… Best of luck to Chris.

    Also the recent “selling out” magpul did really makes me think they will be gone with in the next year

  6. FormerSFMedic on

    I think this is great news. Chris is in a position to do his own thing, which is probably something he’s wanted to do for awhile. I think he’ll do just fine, just has Travis has done. Chris has done so much for the firearms training community. Chris and Travis singlehandedly breathed new life into the industry and became the face of a new way of training and mindset. A guy like that doesn’t just go away!

    Magpul on the other hand……..not so much. They have 4 more videos to profit off of and that’s it for them in my opinion.

  7. @Marc,

    Chris has successfully built his own brand with our support since 2008 and this move was inevitable for his continued growth.

    While Chris will have an impact on our carbine courses, Steve Fisher was a respected trainer in his own right before joining Dynamics and I suspect he will hold his own quite well.

    Also Magpul Dynamics primary focus over the last 12 months has been on military courses such as parachute canopy control and precision rifle which have their own senior instructors.

  8. @FormerSFMedic,

    Chris and Travis both had a rare chemistry combined with excellent weapons handling and the ability to present on screen.

    As for “singlehandedly”, I would like to point out that many, many hours were spent planning, filming and editing to capture the format you see today. If the vision for the project and skill of the production partners were not on par with the instructors skill, the series would not have the impact it did.

    To understand the driving force behind the DVD series check out the Magpul Foundations page at

  9. FormerSFMedic on

    @Richard- Thank you for your words sir. I appreciate your response.

    Understand, that I meant no disrespect in my words. As far as the singlehandedly (not sure if that’s a word) statement, I understand fully what you are saying. I didn’t mean Chris and Travis did everything on their own. I have often marveled at the pure work that went into making those videos truly high quality pieces. I just meant that, at a time when firearms training was somewhat stagnant, Chris and Travis picked it up and took it to a whole other level. No one from Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Xe, Sig Sauer, Tigerswan, etc. was doing what those two were doing at that time. They, along with MD and crew, truly changed the face of this industry forever! Shooters are now much more aware of what it means to be a great shooter, and how important mindset and fundamentals are in their quest to becoming masters of their weapon systems. Another area they impacted was with trainers. They showed what an experienced, forward thinking instructor can accomplish in this industry. There are so many schools and instructors out there right now teaching the MD doctrine, that I think its safe to say, Chris and Travis’ work will live on forever. I know for myself, this is the area that MD has impacted me the most. Iam a combat veteran that will hopefully be opening my own company soon, thanks in no small part to MD and “the Duo”.

    As for the other statement. I can only call it how I see it. All I can say is, prove me wrong! I will gladly support Magpul and Magpul Dynamics for as long as you continue to stay true to your Foundations. Thanks Richard, and I hope to see Magpul continue for a long time.

  10. Magpul will not be the same without Chris. Im sure he will be sorely missed. I wish him luck with his future endeavors. Sad that i missed his last class at Robert Range in Hammond. I owe alot of my skill as a shooter to this man. He has always been a role model of sorts to me. I hope that once he is up and running i will get to train with him again. Good luck brother. Si vis pacem para bellum.

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